fixed bug in wl_list

Iskren Chernev iskren.chernev at
Fri Mar 11 16:32:52 PST 2011


I found a bug and fixed it with the patch :)

*to reproduce:*
run compositor on top of x11

   run flower
   drag & drop it a little
   move the pointer in and out of the compositor/flower
   Ctrl+C the flower client

it would break eventually

I found that the linked list surface->destroy_listener_list got corrupted at
some point (it was not circular any more, strange next/prev etc), which
causes the crash.

The problem was in wl_list_remove -- when you erase an element, you don't
mark it as 'erased', by setting prev/next to NULL for example. Then if you
erase it again the list becomes corrupt. I nullified the prev/next and check
in the begining of wl_list_remove for not-in-list elements and just ignore
them. That seems to fix it.

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