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> 于 2011年05月05日 22:13, cat 写道:
> > I thought the compositor would/could provide decoration. the compositors
> are
> > after all their own projects as wayland is a protocol, and if you haven't
> > noticed, most metacity/emrald themes are just a set of pictures, would it
> be
> > bad if the compositor had the ability to handle images from files? i
> don't
> > think that compositor handled decorations would be too much. this is
> > something else that could be handled by a flag.
> WTF are you argue about?
> 1) Compositor based decorations does not prevent you from doing client
> side decorations.
> 2) Client side decoration is still able to recover from lock up. See how
> windows can close in-response window.
> I am saying that both client side and server side decor is possible, and
that consistant theming is possible for any program that can handle images,
not just the ones using a toolkits themeing system. and i am say that this
can and should be resolved in a way that everybody can agree to.
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