Proposing a simple-cairo-client for wayland-demos

Bill Spitzak spitzak at
Thu May 5 13:22:50 PDT 2011

I really like having an example that is everything in one file, like 
this. Please keep this maintained and make sure it is easy for anybody 
learning Wayland to find it.

Further enhancements might be to actually do something with events (just 
printing "click at x,y" and so on to stdout). Obviously the program 
would get bigger but it would likely lead to all the stuff people 
writing toolkits will need to get started.

Alberto Ruiz wrote:
> I've updated the code following comments from krh and bnf on IRC
> 2011/5/5 Alberto Ruiz <aruiz at>:
>> Hello,
>> As an excercise to understand the basics of the wayland client API
>> I've developed a minimalistic cairo client. The main trouble I had
>> with simple-client is that the opengl bits were obfucating the basics
>> of the wayland API as some steps were hidden there (given my limited
>> understanding of EGL/GL that was a bit of an issue).
>> I developed a simpler client based on cairo-gl with no error checking
>> whatsoever to try to expose the basics of a wayland client a bit
>> better. I'd like to propose it for wayland-demos as I think it may be
>> useful to other people. Here's a link to the source code:
>> --
>> Cheers,
>> Alberto Ruiz

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