OpenGL support in EGL 1.4

Benjamin Franzke benjaminfranzke at
Thu May 12 22:39:43 PDT 2011

I see no changes regarding client API's in the updated EGL spec.
OpenGL was already an offical Client API before, and indeed we're
using that for the
wayland-demos clients, since cairo supported only opengl, not gles2,
until recently.

The FAQ doesnt need to be updated, nothing in there says OpenGL is not
used because of EGL.
It says because of GLX symbols, which are avoided in the compositor by
using gles2.

2011/5/12 Mak Nazečić-Andrlon <owlberteinstein at>:
> Considering the changes made in the latest version of EGL, released on
> April 6, I'd like to point out that OpenGL-proper is now one of the
> official EGL client APIs. Revisions to the FAQ, anyone?
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