Wayland Window Management Proposal

maledetto maledetto at online.de
Sat May 14 03:09:41 PDT 2011

The only *generally acceptable* way to manage lags in communication I
see is that the server *fades-out* the window in question to signal that
the client is unresponsive and waits for it to respond in a time before
the kill-dialog appears. This is a good standard that doesn't need
hacks or special effects and doesn't paint nonsense on screen.

On the other hand, some apps always lag behind and probably should be
allowed to do so if they are very important to the user. The question
is how. Possibly this could be *configured* via a special effect-plugin
that manages single or all windows different to the default setting.
This is like *theme'ing* those problematic issues ;) At least it allows
the server to follow a strict default mode without forbidding the user
to decide differently...

maledetto <maledetto at online.de>

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