Wayland Window Management Proposal

Solerman Kaplon solerman at gmail.com
Mon May 16 07:17:20 PDT 2011

Em 13-05-2011 15:38, Michal Suchanek escreveu:
> If the client takes, say, half a second to update which is completely
> reasonable for a full re-layout and repaint of a window that normally
> gets only partial updates then the resize will be *very* jerky, and if
> the client is uploading a bitmap over network to update the window you
> can't really avoid that.

That's why Windows server disable repaint's on windows resize by default when 
running over a network. It's just sends the final resize to the window and you 
get partial screen updates all the way to it. Users seems to not be really 
annoyed by it really.

> You can make the compositor such that the bookkeeping required for
> resizing a window in the compositor does not take long but you have no
> guarantee that every client will do the same, and it's not even
> possible for all clients to achieve.
> If you take the client in a debugger example (or otherwise stopped
> client) the window would resize only after the client is started
> again, etc, etc.

I think current resize in X is good enough. If you are using a debugger, you 
ain't any kind of "normal" user who can't understand that if you pause all 
threads in the debugger you going to hang screen drawing for that app at the 
same time.


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