undefined symbol: wl_display_get_rgb_visual

Christopher Friedt chrisfriedt at gmail.com
Thu May 19 14:43:26 PDT 2011

Hi folks,

I'm running into the following error when trying to launch demos.

terminal: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/egl/egl_gallium.so:
undefined symbol: wl_display_get_rgb_visual

The folllowing code snippet confirms that the symbol does not get
installed in any shared library

for i in $(qlist mesa | grep "\.so"); do
  j="$(readelf -s ${i} | grep wl_display_get_rgb_visual | grep -v UND)"
  if [ "${j}" != "" ]; then
    echo $i

The symbol is initially defined in mesa under


Unless I'm mistaken, it should havemade it into some shared library,
given the following configure options

./configure --prefix=/usr --build=x86_64-pc-linux-gnu
--host=x86_64-pc-linux-gnu --mandir=/usr/share/man
--infodir=/usr/share/info --datadir=/usr/share --sysconfdir=/etc
--localstatedir=/var/lib --libdir=/usr/lib64 --disable-option-checking
--with-driver=dri --disable-glut --without-demos --enable-xcb
--disable-debug --disable-glw --disable-motif --enable-glx-tls
--disable-asm --disable-shared-dricore --with-dri-drivers=,swrast
--enable-texture-float --enable-gles1 --enable-gles2 --enable-egl
--disable-openvg --enable-gallium --with-egl-platforms=wayland,drm
--with-state-trackers=dri,egl --enable-gallium-llvm
--enable-gallium-svga --disable-gallium-nouveau --disable-gallium-i915
--disable-gallium-i965 --disable-gallium-r300 --disable-gallium-r600
--disable-gallium-i915 --disable-gallium-i965 --disable-gallium-r300

but I can't seem to find out which shared library that is.

# grep -R wl_display_get_rgb_visual *

Binary file lib64/egl/egl_gallium.so matches
Binary file src/gallium/state_trackers/egl/wayland/native_wayland.o matches
src/gallium/state_trackers/egl/wayland/native_wayland.c:   if
(surface->pix->visual == wl_display_get_rgb_visual(display->dpy))
Binary file src/gallium/state_trackers/egl/libegl.a matches

# ar t src/gallium/state_trackers/egl/libegl.a | grep -i "wayland"

Any ideas?



PS: I'm building with gentoo's x11 portage-overlay. A few ebuilds need
a bit of work, but it's getting there. Also, I'm not running X, this
is going straight to the vmware framebuffer (vmwgfx enable_fbdev=1).

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