running Wayland on set-top-box

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Yes, you problem can be resolved by a wayland compositor with a DirectFB backend.
The compositor's drawing work can be done by directFB with your own HW acceleration.
QT/GTK/DFB applications can work as a client side.
Be patient, there will be such an component sooner or later. :)

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I read on Phoronix that Wayland can run on plain Linux framebuffer, you
could also try building Mesa with just swrast without the accelerated
drivers but I'm not sure how it works (performance might be degraded) and I
haven't tried since I'm currently running Wayland on Nouveau (finally I can
see something, just the window decorator but that's way better than

OK, but it said that a simple terminal consumed 8Gb of RAM, I don't have such memory on
a set-top-box :(

If your application is written using GTK+ or Qt it might be better to try
running it on DirectFB instead of using Wayland.

Actually this is the origin of my issues, GTK+-3.x has dropped the directfb backend and
is providing a wayland one now, qt lighthouse will be based on wayland too, and in the set-top-box world the most famous library supporting hw acceleration is DirectFB, so I'm looking to see if it is possible to have wayland on DirectFB or not.

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