questions about gtk simple applications running on wayland

Zhao, Juan J juan.j.zhao at
Wed Oct 26 18:25:34 PDT 2011

Hey there,
         These days, I'm trying to run some simple gtk applications on wayland.
         I built gtk, and fix some mismatched wayland interface. But there are still some problems.
         It is announced that gtk applications can run on X11 backend wayland compositor. So I choose this backend at first.
         Simple wayland client demos can run OK. But when running gtk applications, I will find that server will meet segment fault.
         The segment fault is directly caused by shell_set_toplevel->wlsc_surface_damage->wlsc_surface_damage_rectangle->pixman_region32_union_rect. The width and height is more than 10,000+.
         Looks like some boundaries check should be added here. Because the server should not crashed by some unhealthy clients.
And maybe we can still send some message to the client:"Hey, you did something wrong...and I will ignore your request"

Obviously, this is not the root cause. I went on track the shell_top_level's resource. This resource is inserted to wl_map by bind_shell.
There are something strange here. When adding these resource, it is a kind of wl_shell resource. But when using it in shell_set_toplevel, it become a wlsc_surface resource....
Did I misunderstand something here? Any thoughts for me for going ahead to fix this problem to the root cause?

*^_^* BRs,

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