I feel configure events and requests are messed up

Kristian Høgsberg krh at bitplanet.net
Tue Sep 6 14:38:24 PDT 2011

2011/9/6 Giovanni Campagna <scampa.giovanni at gmail.com>:
> Il giorno mar, 06/09/2011 alle 16.37 -0400, Kristian Høgsberg ha
> scritto:
>> On Tue, Sep 6, 2011 at 4:11 PM, Bill Spitzak <spitzak at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > I believe that unless the client has final say, and an unambiguous method to
>> > force a window to any dimension it wants, then Wayland is a failure. Please
>> > do not copy the asynchronous window management of X11!
>> Yup, what you describe below is how Wayland works now and I'm not
>> looking to change that part.
> Yes, this is the current state of Wayland, and I feel this is broken.
> I don't understand why you consider it set in stone, considering that
> the demo compositor so far has implemented very little to deal with
> window management.

Instead of asserting that things have to work a certain way and that
the current design is broken and wrong, could you try do describe what
it is that you feel the current design prevents you from doing?  Is
there a specific resize policy you can't implement or other concrete
examples where the Wayland resizing doesn't work for you?


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