I feel configure events and requests are messed up

Bill Spitzak spitzak at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 15:27:06 PDT 2011

Giovanni Campagna wrote:

> You can do instantaneous updates even if the size is determined by the
> compositor, rather than the client: you just wait for the client to
> prepare a new buffer before redrawing the window.

The compositor would have to somehow be prepared for the client to 
*never* produce the correct image. What you describe is in fact exactly 
the same as what Wayland appears to be doing now, except what you call 
the "The client has prepared the new buffer" is what I am calling the 
"resize call".

> Except that if the new buffer is not appropriately sized, you clip it
> or transparently extend it to the new size.

Actually I think this can be done by a wayland compositior right now. It 
can draw anything it wants, and can thus clip the source buffers or add 
rectangles of other graphics around them. So a tiled window manager will 
always show touching and non-overlapping tiles, which I think is your 

I still feel a client may have a better idea how to pad it's own 
information, so I think resize requests need some indicator as to which 
edges are really wanted by the compositor to not move. However if a 
client disobeys this the compositor can still restrict the resulting size.

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