I feel configure events and requests are messed up

Bill Spitzak spitzak at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 10:55:46 PDT 2011

Giovanni Campagna wrote:

> Anyway, I'm not convinced that client-side decorations are technically
> superior, therefore I'll start a new thread, to have a final discussion
> with all interested parties. Mutter makes some deep assumptions on
> framing, for sizing policies and for event handling, and I'd like to
> clear them out before going further.

I see no way the interior and borders can draw cleanly and synchronously 
without client-side drawing of them.

You need to describe the exact steps by which the client and compositor 
can cooperate so that at every single moment the compositor is able to 
either put the old contents+border on the screen, or the new 
contents+border on the screen. Any solution must allow for unlimited 
latency in communication between client and compositor, and unlimited 
latency in either process between receipt and sending a message. Any 
such solution must also not involve otherwise unnecessary copying of 
images, or require the client or compositor to preserve a possibly 
unlimited number of image buffers. It would also be nice if clients 
could throw away the old image as soon as they have drawn the new one, 
but I don't think it will be possible so I'll let you have that one.

If this cannot be proven to work then Wayland will look like the same 
crap that X11 looks like. Broken update of resize and drag has been true 
for 22 years now, despite the machines increasing in speed by about 500x 
during that period of time, showing that this is not solvable by "speed" 
and is entirely due to the async nature of two processes trying to draw.

My other complaint is that everybody arguing for server-side decorations 
for "consistency" somehow don't seem concerned about "consistency" of 
buttons and scrollbars and menus and all the other stuff that X11 window 
managers do not do. And they seem to ignore the rather successful 
methods of making all the toolkits consistent without having everything 
drawn by the same process.

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