Window stacking

Bill Spitzak spitzak at
Wed Sep 14 10:55:54 PDT 2011

Michal Suchanek wrote:

> Doing your own window management is not nice, though. It forces the
> user to manage the windows of that particular application in a
> different way because many window management functions are performed
> by the window manager using key or button shortcuts, the decorations,
> etc. With each logical window having a toplevel window the application
> can use these desktop-wide methods of invoking the window management
> functions for its windows even if it reacts specially in some cases.

No you are misunderstanding how this will work.

The compositor can intercept any keystrokes it wants and use them to 
manage windows. In addition there should be a way for clients to tell 
the compositor "I was not interested in this keystroke, do what you want 
with it". If these are both implemented there is no need for clients to 
understand window management shortcuts at all, except an informal 
understanding of popular key layouts so neither steps on the other's key 

Dragging in the titlebar/etc is done by clients detecting that the 
mouse-down is in an area they are not interested in, such as "dead" area 
of the window, or in the title (but not on a button) or window edges. 
They then tell the compositor "I am uninterested in this mouse-down, but 
I think it is a title/edge/corner/contents drag, please handle it". The 
compositor can then do all the window snapping and restrictions it wants.

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