License update

Kristian Høgsberg krh at
Mon Sep 19 14:52:23 PDT 2011


A while ago, I wrote about the Wayland license and how I wanted to
move to LGPLv2 for everything in the wayland and wayland-demos repos:

Now, in the mean-time, this hasn't actually happened.  The intention
was to make it easier to move code between the reference
implementation and the actual libraries, but another goal is to
facilitate easy code sharing between the sample compositor and other
Wayland compositors.  So instead, I'm going to go for the more
pragmatic option of just moving the remaining GPLv2 code in the
wayland-demos repo the MIT license instead.  The code in question was
written by me (while at Red Hat and while at Intel), with
contributions from Benjamin Franzke.  As for the Red Hat copyright,
Richard Fontana, the Red Hat patent and license counsel, has kindly
agreed to apply the CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication [1] to
those portions of the code.  Benjamin is on board with the change and
with that we should be in the clear for changing the license to MIT.



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