Unresponsive applications

Umberto Tozzato umbertotozzato at googlemail.com
Fri Sep 23 19:10:10 PDT 2011

Ok, i'm no programmer, but since you keep saying that this is not a technical 
problem maybe i can help... 
Given that you are programming a compositor and not a complete DE, i think 
that you should try to implement server-side decorations, if it sucks (or if 
it sucks for somebody) we could simply disable it and enable client-side 
decoration. Or viceversa. Or use both! Double bordes, double fun!

What i mean is: let's make it "modular" so that we (or a supposed 
DE/Widgets/Toolkit developer) can decide whether to enable server-side 
decorations or handle it himself. The first one that will become obsolete will 
simply go away leaving nothing behind.

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