Some questions about Wayland

Renaud Hebert renozyx at
Wed Apr 11 00:51:22 PDT 2012


In the comments on an article about "the state of Wayland" at lwn
(, two interesting questions were
1- would gridmgr (an application which place the windows into
predefined grid layouts ) work on Wayland?
2- same question for Gromit
( an application which allow
you to "draw" on your screen.

For (1), I think that this would require an extension specific to the
compositor used (Weston, KDE's planned compositor, etc).

For (2), I don't know: I think that this would require some form of
input redirection (there would be a fullscreen transparent windows but
when not in drawing mode it shouldn't receive the mouse events) and I
don't think that Wayland has this feature?

Any idea?


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