Some questions about Wayland

Daniel Stone daniel at
Wed Apr 11 02:21:19 PDT 2012


On 11 April 2012 09:56, Juan Zhao <juan.j.zhao at> wrote:
>  On 04/11/2012 04:45 PM, Pekka Paalanen wrote:
>> AFAIK, we don't have arbitrary client bindable global hot keys, and I
>> don't know of any plans for such. It might be a bad idea, IMHO.
> Thinking a phone with camera usage, the phone may support one key to trigger
> the camera application directly.

The case against directly bindable keys in the X sense here is media
applications: say you have Banshee running in the background and your
DVD player running in the foreground.  When you press your hardware
play/pause/previous/next/etc keys, you want the compositor to do
something sensible with it, where the 'something sensible' depends
both on if either application is currently playing something, and the
current focus.  Since the applications don't have that context, we
need something a little more nuanced for cases like this.


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