GTK build error, Ubuntu Precise packaging

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Wed Apr 18 06:57:27 PDT 2012

I got GTK packages for Ubuntu Precise to build and run locally that don't
completely destroy X, and allow GTK applications to run through Wayland.
The graphical output in gnome-terminal is a little glitchy.

But I can't get them to build in my PPA, because I can't tell from the
error what it's missing in the PPA that I have locally (without pbuilder):

/build/buildd/gtk+3.0- Error on line 5 char 1: Error processing input file with to-pixdata.



It seems very likely that I'm just missing a build dependency, but what?

I'm using this with the Classic desktop, not Unity.

I see in removing patches I removed a bunch of Ubuntu symbols, and I don't
know what that breaks.  

To create these packages, I used git master checkout
724a9854658c545b47958c829a62847b15746377 with the Ubuntu packaging of GTK+

I added --enable-wayland-backend and --enable-x11-backend.

I commented out the lines to install the .1 files in
debian/ (because they're not where it expects them
to be, and I find the resulting error message poor).

I commented out the lines to rename gtk-update-icon-cache.1 in debian/rules.

I added build dependencies in debian/control:  libwayland-dev,
libxkbcommon-dev, libxml2-utils.  (Build error when missing libwayland
or libxkbcommon is missing glib.h, opened a bug.)

Updated debian/changelog.

Removed all the patches from debian/patches/series, because all of them
said they were detected as already applied.

And then you get an error that you're exporting more symbols than old
versions of the package, so you have to cp the list of new symbols over
debian/libgtk-3-0.symbols and rebuild one more time.

The full diff of the changes I made to the debian directory:

The amd64 packages I built locally are here, don't try them if you're not
prepared to deal with them breaking things:

When I tried using the Ubuntu GTK+ 3.4.1 source and only
applying the patches to default to X11 output before Wayland
( and remove the
cairo-gl dependency (,
all applications segfault when I attempt to run them through Wayland.

<robster> Darxus, that crash is in the ubuntu code - it assumes that
its running under X11 .. /usr/lib/ is the
ubuntu scroll library

So maybe that would work without the Ubuntu patches.  That PPA is here:

Bug reported for Ubuntu modifications to GTK being incompatible with

"If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough"
- Mario Andretti

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