GTK Ubuntu Precise packaging success

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Wed Apr 18 15:11:31 PDT 2012

On 04/18, Rune Kjær Svendsen wrote:
>    Pretty cool Darxus! Works as well on a Precise live CD (USB stick). I only

Nice, thanks.

>    had to replace the second "apt-get upgrade" with "apt-get dist-upgrade".

Yeah, sorry about that, I already fixed that in the directions in the PPA.

>    Then I went to a VT and restarted lightdm with:
>    sudo service lightdm restart
>    and ran:
>    unity --reset
>    on the same VT


>    Back at VT 7 unity had restarted and weston ran fine (got some errors like
>    "Internal error:�� Could not resolve keysym SunProps/SunFront/SunOpen"

That's normal, I don't know what it is.

>    though). The programs you mentioned all ran fine initially, but it all
>    went downhill when I tried running weston from a VT to get it in full
>    screen mode (yeah yeah, total hubris, I know). Now some programs start,
>    but crash when I mouse over them, and the more complex programs (like...
>    anything but calculator) don't start at all.

Weird.  Only thing I can think of that *might* be related is having
another instance of weston running.  I've seen some weird things happen
related to that.  Try running "killall weston" and then trying again.

>    Would there be a way to get weston to run from a VT? That is, in full
>    screen mode?

Yup.  weston needs to be suid root (or run from weston-launcher, which
isn't included in v0.85).  So:

sudo chown root ~/install/bin/weston
sudo chmod +s ~/install/bin/weston

Then run weston from your VT.

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