[PATCH 1/2] animation: add fading-in animation

Pekka Paalanen ppaalanen at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 02:24:52 PDT 2012

On Wed, 25 Apr 2012 17:07:51 +0800
Juan Zhao <juan.j.zhao at linux.intel.com> wrote:

>   On 04/25/2012 01:40 PM, yan.wang at linux.intel.com wrote:
> > Just confirmation when comparing with weston_zoom_frame:

> > 2. In weston_zoom_frame, weston_compositor_schedule_repaint is called; in
> > weston_fade_frame, weston_surface_damage is called. weston_surface_damage
> > seems only to process pixmap region?
> in weston_surface_damage, that schedule_repaint will be called.

This is my vague recollection: schedule_repaint causes the repaint
being called for all outputs, weston_output_repaint() calls
weston_surface_update_transform() for every surface, which causes the
proper damage to be applied for both the surface and the surface below.

Therefore you don't need to call weston_surface_damage(),
schedule_repaint is enough.

My checkout is a little old, but looks like weston_surface_damage()
calls weston_surface_update_transform(), although IIRC update_transform
was supposed to be hit only from repaint... ah dunno. And
update_transform calls schedule_repaint, does that cause us to repaint
twice... though not too much harm done, the damage code should avoid
actual repainting. Maybe I'm rambling for nothing.


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