wayland/weston on displaylink?

Sander wayland at humilis.net
Mon Apr 30 23:50:37 PDT 2012

yan.wang at linux.intel.com wrote (ao):
> > Would it be possible to run weston on a displaylink device?
> By my understanding, display link device should have multiply methods to
> display. One is capture screen image by software and transferring by USB,
> another is construct one virtual display driver to capture as the second
> display. Which method does Samsung Syncmaster 2243qw use?

Thank you for your reply. I can't find the answer to this on the web,
unfortunately. Is there a way to determine this from within Linux?

But (sorry for the question) is it relevant? Should the kernel not just
provide the interface to weston? Console works, and I had X running on
this setup before too. Would it help if I install X and post it's


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