New Wayland live CD

nerdopolis bluescreen_avenger at
Wed Aug 8 03:51:56 PDT 2012


For anyone who is interested in testing Wayland, I created a new version of my Wayland Live CD: (which is still named after my favorite celebrity)

Project page:
Direct Download Link:

As this CD now leverages the latest with Xwayland, the updates in the toolkits for Wayland, and Wayland itself, I feel this version might actually somewhat usable.

I added some launchers on the panel for to make it easier for the user, such as a one for a dialog about Weston key bindings, as well as one for a network manager, and program menu.

It contains the Wayland version for every toolkit (QT, SDL, GTK, EFL) except Clutter, as Clutter hasn't been ported to the Wayland 0.95 protocol yet, and I couldn't find any out of tree ports either.
I also integrated with weston-launch, so now it prompts upon every login (instead of in GRUB) for selecting Wayland or X, so that Wayland even running as a native display server runs as the user account, it no longer needs to run as root. 
The login manager is still X based though, and if Wayland fails it falls back to an KDE session in X.

In this CD I also added an option for "xorg backed wayland", which calls up Weston with the X11 backend full screen on an Xserver. This is for hardware that does not have "proper" drivers that would allow Weston to run as the main display server.
The problems with this is that there is no way to manage the screens (such as the resolution and the orientation of the monitors, but it still emulates a Wayland experience as best as possible, and I don't really think there is a performance penalty.

This is based on Ubuntu Quantal, so it might be unstable. If you do want to install it, you will need to browse to the Desktop, and open Ubiquity I don't recommend using it for production yet. 


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