[PATCH weston] shell: Don't draw shadows for maximized windows.

Scott Moreau oreaus at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 03:52:41 PDT 2012

> This is definitely not right. It is not the compositor's job to cut out
> and not show an arbitrary part of the surface. It is the client's job
> to not render anything it does not want to show.
> You also break the protocol by lying to client about the dimensions,
> and in doing so, you make assumptions that are not based on any
> specification, just like you mentioned yourself.
> This must be done in toytoolkit, not here.
> Sorry,
> pq

The problem I'm having is trying to work out how to do snapping for resize
or move requests on maximized surfaces. The patch that works in toytoolkit
would require even more dancing in shell to implement snapping. The problem
is that the shell doesn't know some specifics about the surface such as
input region and/or theme margin, in this case the shadow margin. I think
ideally you'd be able to request these specifics from the client. It would
also be nice to be able to know the titlebar height so in the snap-off case
we can place the surface to where the middle of the titlebar is under the
grab cursor. Would it make sense to be able to request certain (theme)
attributes such as these from the client?


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