[PATCH] tests: Allow disabling leak checking assertions by env

Rob Bradford rob at robster.org.uk
Thu Aug 9 09:26:31 PDT 2012

On 9 August 2012 16:46, Eoff, Ullysses A <ullysses.a.eoff at intel.com> wrote:
> If I define NO_ASSERT_LEAK_CHECK in the environment, then the leak checks are skipped as expected.  However, this causes several sanity check tests to fail because some of them rely on the leak checks to fail.  Those specific tests need to be skipped, conditional on NO_ASSERT_LEAK_CHECK.
> sanity_malloc_indirect, sanity_fd_leak, sanity_malloc_direct all fail for me with this patch.

Good point!

You also gave a pretty good rationale about why we shouldn't have
custom memory management monitoring hooks and instead use valgrind,

AFAICT you added this code, so IMHO it's probably your call if you
want to pull it ;-)



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