update: Weston xwm as a client

Tiago Vignatti tiago.vignatti at linux.intel.com
Fri Aug 17 07:22:20 PDT 2012


As a heads-up, I've updated my implementation and tried to give to the 
commits some meaningful value that one individual would be able to 
read... hopefully :) For Weston, I've separated the commits more less in 
two bunches, the ones needed as a preparation (i.e, commits that don't 
break at all nor functionally change anything) and the ones that 
actually does the real intended. The first part is here:

   xwayland: Rename get_resources function
   xwayland: launcher: Standardize 'wxs' for weston_xserver variables
   xwayland: Staticize weston_wm_set_selection and read_and_dump_property
   xwayland: Split up into a WM specific header file
   xwayland: Remove useless structure
   xwm: Change weston_log for fprintf
   xwayland: Move hash implementation to shared
   xwm: Make window configure function free of weston_surface

and the remaining, where it starts the real break:

   xwm: Disable opaque_rect settings
   xwayland: Drop selection support
   xwm: Remove support for transient windows
   xwm: Get rid of compositor's loop handlers
   xwm: Make window activate free of weston_surface and listener
   xwayland: Split some part that will be on the client side
   xwayland/clients: Hard move WM to client directory
   Introduce new Xwayland private protocol and implementation
   clients: xwm: Remove all references for weston
   clients: xwm: Use own structure for frame window
   xwayland: Fix window positioning via new protocol

For someone reviewing the work, I'd suggest start to look these two 
commits, which tells a lot what's happening here:


There's also the Xwayland changes that basically track what was done 
using the new protocol. The repositories are here:


I'm leaving on vacation today for 10 days (surfing on north Spain, 
woo!). In general I'm comfortable with the direction of this new 
implementation and I'm planning to keep it up when I'm back. But let me 
know your thoughts. See you!


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