Ubuntu not including Wayland support for GTK in October release

darxus at chaosreigns.com darxus at chaosreigns.com
Wed Aug 29 17:45:02 PDT 2012

This is pretty frustrating for me, since I opened the bug five months ago,
created a Precise PPA with it enabled and working three months ago, and
recently created a Quantal PPA with it enabled, with a very minor change.

Apparently what is needed is more testing to make sure there aren't
regressions (new things broken) in X with the wayland backend of gtk

Directions to use it with Ubuntu Quantal
(which will be released in October) are here:

The bug is here:

Specific things that are believed most likely to break and therefore most
in need of testing are:  dnd, clipboard, xembed, tray icons.
I recommend testing after a reboot.

So if you could test and report back, either way, I'd appreciate it.
Posting everything works to the bug will, I believe, increase the chances
of it being applied to the official Ubuntu archives (eventually).  If there
are problems, that's just as important - we need to know about them to fix

Problems with things actually running through wayland are not really
relevant to this bug.  

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