Input method and input/output redirect under wayland

Jan Arne Petersen jpetersen at
Thu Aug 30 12:32:58 PDT 2012


> A practical thing the im server can do is to let the compositor
> transform/redirect it's window, in the same way with the input window
> and the input method will just need to provide the relative position
> with the input window.
> Is there any plans/ideas on such a protocol or how such job can be
> done? And please correct me if any of my understanding of the wayland
> protocol/client/compositor/etc. is wrong.

Yes the idea is that the compositor will be responsible for positioning
the window correctly.

The im server would just specify a surface, see current input_panel
interface at
I plan to merge that interface into the input_method interface though
and there will be an enum argument for having the surface positioned at
the cursor (currently it just supports virtual keyboard like surfaces at
the bottom of the screen).

The application will notify the compositor about the cursor location via
the set_micro_focus request in the text_model interface

Jan Arne Petersen

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