Weston 0.95 is now in Ubuntu 12.10 repository

Fred . eldmannen at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 07:10:09 PDT 2012


Ubuntu now updated Weston from 0.85 to 0.95 in Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal.

I run it with nouveau.
- weston-terminal works.
- gtk stuff does not work.

I guess xwayland isn't compiled for nouveau, and/or gtk isn't compiled
with wayland backend.

$ weston-launch
weston-launch: Permission denied. You should either:
 - enable systemd session support for weston-launch.
 - or add yourself to the 'weston-launch' group.

<Darxus> weston-launch only works with the drm backend (not X).
Maybe the script should check if X is running?

[16:07:02.665] fatal: environment variable XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is not set.

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