xf86-video-wlshm driver doesn't refresh window contents

nerdopolis bluescreen_avenger at verizon.net
Wed Feb 1 18:43:09 PST 2012


Another thing I would like to report is that I tried the nested Wayland server 
for Wayland on my Live CD, and it seems that the contents of the windows do 
not refresh. The thing is, I can make the apps "do" things, such as closing 
out the window if I click in the correct reletive area on the window, or if I 
type a command such into an xterm window, no text shows up, but after I hit 
enter, the command does run. 

I am running kwin as a window manager for the nested x server, and it didn't 
change it from when there was no window manager running in the nested x 

The nested X windows only give me the first 'frame' when they come up, and 
some don't even show the first 'frame', unless I resize them, then it freezes 
at the first 'frame'.

This is on a computer with Intel Graphics.

The build options and git repo I am using for the nested X server
git clone http://cgit.freedesktop.org/~krh/xserver
cd xserver
git checkout remotes/origin/xwayland-1.10
./autogen.sh --disable-selective-werror --prefix=$WLD --
libdir=$WLD/lib/$(dpkg-architecture -qDEB_HOST_MULTIARCH) --disable-dri --
disable-dri2 --disable-config-hal --enable-unix-transport --enable-tcp-
transport --disable-config-udev --disable-config-dbus --disable-xaa --enable-
libdrm --disable-xnest --disable-xvfb --disable-dmx --disable-xvmc --disable-
dga --disable-screensaver --disable-xdmcp --disable-xdm-auth-1 --disable-glx 
--disable-xinerama --disable-xace  

And for xf86-video-wlshm (I do need that sed command to get it to build):
git clone http://cgit.freedesktop.org/~iksaif/xf86-video-wlshm/
cd xf86-video-wlshm
sed -i 's/hosted/xwayland/g' src/wlshm.h
./autogen.sh --prefix=$WLD --libdir=$WLD/lib/$(dpkg-architecture -

Am I doing something wrong, or using the incorrect driver? I see there is a 
xf86-video-intel driver for the nested X server, but that only allow the 
nested x server to run on Intel boxes? ...Also its configure script didn't 
detect Wayland for some reason, while the rest of the toolkits do. 

Any ideas?

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