[PATCH 0/7] dump interfaces

y y
Thu Feb 9 09:27:46 PST 2012

From: Tiago Vignatti <tiago.vignatti at intel.com>

Kristian, I've rebased my branch on current master:


If someone else wants to check the patchset, most of the changes are related
with the documentation of the protocol. In special, the last patch modifies
the scanner to automatically dump the interfaces on the .tex document.


Tiago Vignatti (7):
  spec: fix typo
  protocol: fix typo
  scanner: fix descriptions to proper wrap at < 72 position
  scanner: fix wrapped text to start with tabs and not space
  scanner: don't print new line when no descriptions are provided
  scanner: fix program name and its text for usage()
  scanner: dump interfaces in tex format and plug with main.tex

 protocol/wayland.xml |   10 +++---
 spec/main.tex        |   19 +----------
 src/Makefile.am      |    3 +-
 src/scanner.c        |   80 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----
 src/scanner.mk       |    3 ++
 5 files changed, 83 insertions(+), 32 deletions(-)


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