[PATCH] [RFC]Shell: Hide panels when compositor has a top fullscreen surface.

Juan Zhao juan.j.zhao at linux.intel.com
Wed Feb 15 19:57:33 PST 2012

  On 02/16/2012 10:20 AM, Bill Spitzak wrote:
> Juan Zhao wrote:
>>> This prevents the fullscreen window from putting any useful 
>>> clickable areas, such as the menubar, where the panels may obscure 
>>> it, since the user cannot choose them without first raising the 
>>> fullscreen window.
>> This is just one condition about the behaviour for fullscreen 
>> surface. The client doesn't know it, or even leave that fullscreen 
>> status. In fact, It doesn't need to know it.
>> When the top-level of regular surfaces in compositor side is 
>> un-fullscreen, The focus of the compositor should be that 
>> un-fullscreen window. Once you click on that fullscreen surface or 
>> switch to it, you can go further to use the menubar.
>>> In addition if the panels obscure all the control areas and leave 
>>> only an area where clicks will do something (such as the canvas in a 
>>> painting program) then it will be impossible for the user to 
>>> re-raise the fullscreen window with a click without changing the 
>>> document as well. 
>> You can use alt+table switch to that fullscreen surface. This can 
>> resolve your concern. :)
> Both of these will raise the fullscreen surface, which is not what I 
> want, and defeats the whole purpose of letting other surfaces be above 
> it.
If the top regular surface does not occupy the full screen, you can 
still click on that underlying fullscreen surface to active and raise it.
I do not understand why this defeats the whole purpose of letting other 
surfaces be above that fullscreen surface.
And this is the current implementation in both compiz, metacity, mutter 
in linux and even in windows.
We can make it better if the other solution really brings benefits.

> In addition you seem to be assuming that clicks in "inactive" windows 
> should do nothing. There are a LOT of people who disagree and Wayland 
> should certainly not actively prevent this.
I did not assume that. ~  Just curious why you said I assume this~

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