Touch events

Bill Spitzak spitzak at
Tue Feb 21 16:13:38 PST 2012

It seems like it would be better if clients got the touch events first, 
and the compositor only did things if the client said it was 
uninterested in the events. For a lot of touch events this can be 
decided immediately on the touch-down, since the client knows the user 
is pushing nothing.

I don't know much about touch events, but this seems similar to global 
shortcuts. It would help a lot if every keystroke was sent to clients 
but the clients could say "I don't do anything with that" and then the 
compositor/shell could use the keystroke as a global shortcut, and in 
fact I thought this was what Wayland was going to do. It seems the same 
ideas should apply to other events like touch.

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