concerns over wayland and need for wayland app display to X Server

Bill Spitzak spitzak at
Mon Feb 27 11:20:25 PST 2012

David Jackson wrote:

> Ok, well, to have the GPU, render a square, you have to tell the GPU, 
> from the app, "place a square which is 30x20 at the coordinate 40x40. 
> Apps need a way to give a command to the GPU to render a square. How 
> does a wayland app give a command to render a square to GPU? What about 
> triangles, spheres, and cubes, and even more complex graphics?

Think of how Floating Point Co-Processors worked in 1984 and you may 
have a clearer idea of how modern GPU's work.

You don't do an OS or driver call to tell the math processor to run a 
trig function. The OS instead time-shares it just like it does the CPU.

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