[fullscreen v8] add fullscreen implementation and a test client

wuzhiwen zhiwen.wu at linux.intel.com
Tue Feb 28 02:06:06 PST 2012

From: Alex Wu <zhiwen.wu at linux.intel.com>


V7:  Fullscreen surface will be atop panels and with a black surface
underlying it.

Only the WL_SHELL_SURFACE_FULLSCREEN_METHOD_SCALE method implemented in this

We will implement other methods in another patch.


V8:  Move all the fullscreen things to map() or configure(). For the
simple-rect, it will send a sync request after 

set_fullsceen and attach the next buffer in the callback. Thanks for
Kristian and Pekka's comments.



         The following changes since commit

         Restructure output zoom key handling.


         available in the git repository at:

           git://gitorious.org/wayland-for-krh/weston.git fullscreen-v8




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