[PATCH] adding parameter for set_fullscreen

Bill Spitzak spitzak at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 11:54:14 PST 2012

juan.j.zhao at linux.intel.com wrote:
> From: Juan Zhao <juan.j.zhao at linux.intel.com>
> support two methods:
> "FORCE" means changing the screen resolution to the mode of the surface.
>   If there is no matched mode, just fallback to FILL mode.
> "FILL" means changing fill the around of the surface to match the screen's mode.
>   currently, we will put the surface in the center of the screen.

I thought Wayland was going to be capable of scaling surfaces as part of 
the compositing operation?

What I would prefer to see, rather than a special "fullscreen" mode, is 
the ability to set the rectangle the client's surface is mapped to. 
Normally this will produce scaling, but if it is the only client visible 
(because it fills a screen and there are none above it) the compositor 
can then automatically switch the display mode to one that requires less 
or no scaling.

Being able to scale a surface will allow video playback windows to be 
scaled without bypassing the non-scaling video decompression hardware. I 
would expect the windows to be scaled to the correct location and put 
below the normal window where there is a hole of zero alpha so the video 
shows through.

I would also really like Wayland to dump the idea that "fullscreen" is 
somehow special. It just means there are no borders and the window edges 
touch the edge of the monitor. There should be ZERO effect on window 
stacking, and other windows should be able to be put atop the fullscreen 
one. Please don't make overlapping windows useless.

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