Display/expose propagation on GTK-Wayland

Mika Boström mika.bostrom at nomovok.com
Thu Jan 26 05:52:16 PST 2012

Hello hackers.

GTK's wayland backend behaves somewhat differently than X11, at least in 
terms of showing widgets.

The attached file will work correctly on regular desktop. On top of raw 
wayland it does not show up on screen.

If I use gtk_widget_show_all() on the window, as opposed to invidual 
gtk_widget_show() calls on the widgets I have created, the application 
works on all backends.

So it looks like there is some odd expose propagation issue in the 
GDK-Wayland backend, which this very trivial example shows.

Wayland version: 10eefa49470d97948719f58dfb62a97fb4701aed
Compositor from: bcecca49b875d96e4e6d007ce09a45b2ea301d9d
   (with trivial build fix for using GLESv2 instead of GL)

Wayland running on top of EGL+GLESv2, against latest cairo2 master.

GTK is 3.2 with backported gdk/wayland/ changes from current GTK+ 
master. However, the behaviour is exactly the same when tested with GTK 
master (at least from yesterday).

Would be nice to figure out the difference in behaviour.

  Mika Boström / mika.bostrom at nomovok.com
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