[wayland-devel] RFC: Ideas to run weston on nvidia/ATI blob with hardware acceleration

microcai microcai at fedoraproject.org
Thu Jul 19 03:13:48 PDT 2012

The only thing wayland needed is a way to share buffers.

Currently the reference implementation uses EGL(with wayland
extension) to render, switch to another render api is painful and

The only reason that NVIDIA can't cooperate with weston is that, they
don't provide EGL implementation with wayland extension.

NVIDIA blob doesn't provide libEGL.so right? We can implement stubs
that wraps libEGL to NVIDIA blob's  libGL.so as a way of building  EGL
wayland platform on top of NVIDIA blob.

What about KMS ?

Let the blob DDX do the job! We fire up an X server with uses NVIDIA
blob but with no input to be used by weston. weston create an
FULLSCREEN GLX window( for mutil monitor, create every fullscreen
window for every monitor)  and uses that as  output surface.
Note, this X have no support for input device, and can be specify
builded for use with weston only.  since we create a fullscreen window
and do direct rendering, the X layer won't hurt us much. And weston
didn't get input from X, so no input latency.

What about BUFFER SHARE?

Currently we can use shm, in time NVIDIA(hopefully) will add an GL
extension that allow us to create share-able buffers among different
processes. Then we can use that extension instead.

Why not just use X?
Well, in this way, we can have a working wayland on top of NVIDIA
blob. So developers/distros won't have to deal with X11 and can start
migration to wayland right away long before the eval NVIDIA make the
right choice.

In this way, we eliminated the last Barrier that bind us to X, the blob.

The above idea also apply to ATI blob.

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