Chromium based on Aura under Wayland at at
Wed Jun 6 05:31:59 PDT 2012

Hi, All,
    I have pushed my porting of Chromium based on Aura under Wayland into
"Master" is pulled from Google Chromium GIT repo and branch_20120606
including my porting. I will try to keep sync with Google Chromium GIT
repo by daily branch_XXXXXXXX as possible.

    This tree is pulled from Google by gclient sync directly and is
re-pushed by me, so it doesn't include the following code but they are
necessary for build rightly. (No patches for them. Just same with
normal chromium.)
    1. tools directory.
        gyp, grit
    2. third_party directory [Many necessary third party library couldn’t
be found (E.g. Webkit) or incomplete (E.g. skia only has project files
and no source code.)]
        Webkit, libjpeg_turbo, ots, angle, openssl, ffmpeg, v8-i18n,
libvpx, webrtc, libyuv, flac, speex, hunspell,
hunspell_dictionaries, mozc, libphonenumber, sfntly, yasm,
leveldatabase, smhasher, xdg-utils, lss, libjingle,
cacheinvalidation/files, jsoncpp, skia
    3. root directory.
        v8, native_client, seccompsandbox, googleurl, sdch
    I suggest you get a clean tree by gclient sync and merge my patches.
    The following is reference of gclient sync based on git from Google:

    Please use the following configuration:
    ./build/gyp_chromium -Duse_aura=1 -Duse_ash=1 -Duse_wayland=1
-Dtoolkit_views=1 -Dtoolkit_uses_gtk=0 -Dwerror= (for 32bit i686)
    ./build/gyp_chromium -Duse_aura=1 -Duse_ash=1 -Duse_wayland=1
-Dtoolkit_views=1 -Dtoolkit_uses_gtk=0 -Ddisable_nacl=1 -Dwerror= (for
64bit x64_86)
    In the other hands, please follow normal building instruction:
    You may need build bin-util for golden linker.

    Coding Style:
    The porting used some previous Wayland code which removed by Google.
And  Chromium has different coding style with Wayland. And because of
tight time, there are some no good coding style in these code. I will
modify it as soon as possible. Sorry for your inconvenient.

    Known Issue:
    Today I found "Backspace" couldn't work in branch_20120606. It is OK
in my previous version. It may be caused by Google modification. I
will investigate it. It may also be fixed by Google.
    Chromium isn't stable version for Google too. So crash may not be
caused by my porting. Of course, I will try my best to investigate it.
    If any other problem, please tell me.

Yan Wang

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