wcap player + wcap over the network

Krad Radio kradradio at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 12:48:20 PDT 2012

A few days ago I experimented with wayland and wcap. I made a little cpu
monitor with cairo and I made a wcap player for wayland and also for x11. I
also experimented with wayland remoting by modifying the wcap format to
include frame size, and sending over a network. It worked. I didn't have
time to come up with a working remote input control scheme however.

Here is two videos:



The code for these can be found here:

It's inside the tree of a bigger project of mine, as one of the features I
am working on is wayland video output, but you should be able to compile
those parts by themselves. I called the network format kwcap. So use wcap
player to play wcap files.

Please note this is experimental as hell. If you notice the corrupted
pixels in the captures, this is not something seen while using the desktop,
but a drm + damage issue we have been discussing in IRC.

You can find me on freenode as oneman.


David Richards
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