Input Method Support for Wayland

Kristian Høgsberg hoegsberg at
Thu Jun 21 14:33:22 PDT 2012

On Thu, Jun 21, 2012 at 09:52:16PM +0200, Jan Arne Petersen wrote:
> Last week, I was implementing a little bit from the Input Method System
> proposal ( See
> my blog post:
> It does not contain the really interesting stuff like integration with hardware
> keyboard events, keyboard focus and wl_seat yet, but it could still serve as a
> baseline for further work on Wayland input method system integration.

I like it!  I've gone ahead and committed it all, and I put a couple
of fixes on top to prevent moving/resizing/rotating of the keyboard
surface and to prevent it from getting keyboard focus itself.  The
protocol is all in weston now, which implies that it's not official
and a weston internal thing at this point.  We can play around with it
a bit a figure out how it should work and then move relevant parts to
wayland eventually.  Mainly I think that the text_model interface
needs to go there, while the specifics of integrating the OSK can stay
a weston specific thing for a little longer.

The protocol looks good, with the caveat that I don't fully understand
all the preedit stuff.  Most crucial is the text_model interface,
since that's what all apps are going to interface with.  A few thoughts:

 - Should text_model.activate take a surface so we can hide the OSK if
   that surface disappears or we focus another surface that doesn't
   have an active text_model?  Maybe after a slight timeout, in case
   we give focus to another surface that also needs the OSK.  Or is
   that what the surface arg is for in input_method.create_text_model,
   and those things are just not hooked up?  What about enter/leave
   type events for when another surface is focused (and the text_model
   deactivated by the compositors)?

 - input_method.commit_string should only be available to im
   providers.  As it is now, any client can bind to input_method and
   start injecting text to whoever has the active text_model.  Could
   we move it to the intput_panel interface?

 - The text_model is specific to a wl_seat, isn't it?  A wl_seat is
   roughly (at least for the purpose of this) a keyboard focus, and if
   we support multiple keyboard foci, they'd each need a text_model,

 - is set_micro_focus a way to indicate the cursor location in the
   text?  We have a simple "text_cursor_position" protocol so the
   screen zoom can track the text cursor, it sounds like we should use
   this request instead?

 - How would it work if an OSK wants to hide itself (like a
   discard/close button in the keyboard)?  I guess we can just either
   destroy the surface and attach a NULL buffer.

 - We don't use the output arg in input_panel.set_surface

Regarding the implementation:

 - Add keyboard to libexec_PROGRAMS, call it weston-keyboard and fork
   it on demand from shell.c (similar to how we launch screensaver,
   look for weston_client_launch).  Verify that the right client binds
   like we do for desktop-shell.

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