[PATCH 6/6] Hack up distcheck for publican

Gaetan Nadon gaetan.nadon at videotron.ca
Thu Mar 1 17:23:07 PST 2012

On 12-02-29 07:40 PM, Peter Hutterer wrote:
> I failed to figure out a sensible way to convince automake to install "every
> file in this directory". Every instance I found on various forums yesterday
> came down to the developer knowing the file list. I think having to maintain
> the file list manually as opposed to "anything in this directory is
> generated documentation" is just another source of errors.
I sent you a couple of patches. I completed the patch I sent earlier
with the install/uninstall code for the generated html/pdf. This is
similar to what I did for libX11 which generated images for html we did
not know the filenames.

The solution is clean and even supports $(DESTDIR). The only
"workaround" is the copying of the source xml into the en-US build as
publican does not allow us to specify where the source is located. I am
convinced this solution is legit and complies with automake architecture.

I have run several distcheck and out-of-source build tree scenario. I
found another bug for which I provided the second patch. I needed to fix
it to complete the testing for publican. The patches are on the publican
branch before the top commit. Please update the commit text.


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