[PATCH 1/2] shell: Add implementation of fullscreen.

wuzhiwen zhiwen.wu at linux.intel.com
Thu Mar 1 23:23:23 PST 2012


Thanks for your comments. You are right, this is a bug.

The following code is meant to restore the initial position of a toplevel
surface when it switch from a non-toplevel to toplevel.
The problem is that   (prev_surface_type != SHELL_SURFACE_TOPLEVEL) can not
drop the buffer size changing case in which no surface type switched and the
prev_surface_type is SHELL_SURFACE_NONE.
I will fix it in next version.



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Hi. This patch introduces a bug where the window jumps all over the place
when resizing it. I've tracked down the problem to the following code though
I'm not sure I understand what it's meant to do yet exactly, so I figured
I'd post a comment here.

+               if (prev_surface_type != SHELL_SURFACE_TOPLEVEL) {
+                       if (shsurf->saved_position_valid &&
+                           shsurf->saved_x != surface->geometry.x &&
+                           shsurf->saved_y != surface->geometry.y) {
+                               weston_surface_set_position(surface,
+                                                           shsurf->saved_x,
+                       } else if (!shsurf->saved_position_valid) {
+                               weston_surface_set_position(surface, 10 +
random() % 400,
+                                                           10 + random() %
+                       }
+               }
+               break;



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