Transient window could not follow parent window when moving at at
Thu Mar 15 21:48:21 PDT 2012

Thanks for your tips. I tried to call wl_shell_surface_move recursively
for transient window but no effect. Should I re-set transient surface or
other operations?

Yan Wang

> I think you are required to respond to configure requests by moving all
> the necessary windows, not just the one the request was for.
> Wayland should not have to remember window hierarchies. I have argued
> before that this can get insanely complex.
> at wrote:
>> Hi, All,
>>     I found transient window couldn't follow parent window when moving
>> parent window by wl_shell_surface_move in current Weston. May it be
>> implemented in the future?
>>     Thanks.
>> Best regards,
>> Yan Wang
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