Wayland 0.85 + GTK+ built, Qt failed, + build script

darxus at chaosreigns.com darxus at chaosreigns.com
Sat Mar 17 09:37:31 PDT 2012

I get the impression that GTK+ master and wayland master are incompatible,
and GTK+ master is compatible with wayland v0.85, so I gave that a try.

So for wayland and weston, use branch 0.85.  libxkbcommon and mesa masters
are incompatible with westin 0.85, so use libxkbcommon branch
for-weston-0.85, and mesa branch 8.0.  (Mesa release 8.0.1 also works.)

vte, a gtk terminal program also built by my script, runs, but it's
pretty broken.  Mostly due to not being able to see text as you type it.
testgtk also runs, but is also really mangled.

Ubuntu build script:

I also had to create a $HOME/.config/weston-desktop-shell.ini with the
right path to weston-terminal since the default in 0.85 is broken.  And
run "sudo ln -s /home/darxus/install/share/weston/ /usr/local/share/weston"
so gtk apps wouldn't crash immediately when I mouse over weston.

For some reason I've had to go back to the weston source directory and
manually run "make install" after running my script, not sure why.

Gears hangs my machine.  I believe it's a problem with nouveau.  I need to
get an AMD card so I can have some manufacturer supported drivers.
To reboot a hung machine, hold down alt-sysrq and type "reisub" slowly
("s" syncs your hard drive, "u" unmounts, "b" reboots - wait till disk
access stops for each.)
"sysrq" is the same as the "print screen" / "prt scr" key.

I tried building qt, in an attempt to use qtwebkit, but the qtwayland
branch 0.85 build is failing with:

Cannot find file:

module_qtwayland_tests is empty.  I noticed if I then run make again, it
fails with a different error (repeating further doesn't change):

qwaylandcursor.cpp:108:33: error: no matching function for call to ‘QPlatformCursor::QPlatformCursor(QWaylandScreen*&)’

The wayland qt build instructions qtbase configure arguments weren't
quite right, this built for me:
./configure -confirm-license -opensource -no-phonon-backend -debug -qpa -xcb -wayland -egl -opengl es2 -nomake examples -prefix ${QTDIR} -v -I $WLD/include -L $WLD/lib

- Removing some -no-* args nolonger supported, and adding -I and -L.

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