Added qt + qtwebkit to my wayland 0.85 build script

darxus at darxus at
Sat Mar 24 11:48:28 PDT 2012

WebKit keyboard input works.

The qt5 download has been unreliable for me, so I run it first:

mkdir ~/source; cd ~/source
git clone git:// # 0:38.56elapsed
perl init-repository # 1:00:19elapsed - this is the problem
~/ # 2:15:13elapsed

About 3 hours and 16 minutes total to download and build everything.  Not
counting Ubuntu package download and installation if you're running Ubuntu.

I just tested automatically downloading (except qt5) and building
everything, and running vte (gtk) and qtwebkit (qt).  Kind of amazing
to see after all of the breakage seen.

Another annoying thing is I can't figure out how to get qtwebkit /
fancybrowser to install anywhere other than $PWD, and worse, when I try, I
don't get any fancybrowser anywhere.  Which is worse because that would at
least allow me to install qt5 (libs) to ~/install/qt5, and then copy the
fancybrowser directory over.  Which would be particularly useful for building
a live CD/DVD image.

I've been running my script with the apt-get stuff commented out due to:
(I think installing packages isn't likely to trigger this problem, and it's
only likely to happen if you do an upgrade in ubuntu.)

You can disable building everything ($BUILD_WAYLAND, $BUILD_QT, $BUILD_GTK
all set to 0) to just run weston after it's all built.  I should probably
modify the running of vte and qtwebkit to be determined by the file being
there instead of whether or not it was just built.

I attempted to write up the weston key bindings:

"Speed is a metaphor for freedom."

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