Got xwayland to build, clients don't display

darxus at darxus at
Sun Mar 25 14:49:48 PDT 2012

Once I got it built, X clients would run, and generally act like they were
connecting to an X server, but wouldn't display.  Using wayland master,
with nouveau drivers.  There was already a bug open for what I'm seeing:  
$WLD/bin/Xorg -config bah/xorg.conf -wayland -rootless :3 2>&1 

My biggest change was switching from the xwayland branch to the
xwayland-1.10 branch.

My steps were close to:

git clone git:// -b xwayland-1.10
CFLAGS="-O0 -ggdb3"
sh --prefix=$WLD --disable-dri --disable-dri2 --disable-config-hal --enable-unix-transport --enable-tcp-transport --disable-config-udev --disable-config-dbus --disable-xaa --enable-libdrm --disable-xnest --disable-xvfb --disable-dmx --disable-xvmc --disable-dga --disable-screensaver --disable-xdmcp --disable-xdm-auth-1 --disable-glx --disable-xinerama --disable-xace --disable-selective-werror
make install

git clone git://
cd xf86-video-wlshm
sh --prefix=$WLD
make install

mkdir -p $WLD/etc/X11/bah
cat > $WLD/etc/X11/bah/xorg.conf <<EOF
Section "Device"
        Identifier "Device"
        Driver "wlshm" # or intel
ln -s /usr/share/X11/xkb/rules $WLD/share/X11/xkb/
ln -s /usr/bin/xkbcomp $WLD/bin/xkbcomp
$WLD/bin/Xorg -config bah/xorg.conf -wayland -rootless :1

That "bah" part was nice and frustrating.  If I specified just the
xorg.conf file as an argument to -config, it loaded the system
/etc/X11/xorg.conf.  If I specified the full path, it complained that I was
only allowed to use relative paths.  So I had to create a sub directory.

"For every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat,
and wrong." - H. L. Mencken

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