Chromium based Aura under Wayland (0/3)

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Fri May 4 01:51:29 PDT 2012

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> Hi, All,
>    I did some porting of Chromium browser based on Aura. Now it could run
> on Weston and display web page by input URL. I attached some my screen
> shot pictures for your reference.

Glad to see it in the maillist. I saw your screen-shot was under Xorg? 
weston has some screen-shot functionality, use super+s to capture the 
screen image.

>    Known issues:
>    1. In one screen shot picture, I played youtube video in the browser
> successfully. But it is very un-stable. In fact, I only play this video
> by clicking restore button of chrome browser from crash in the debug
> version. In the release version, it couldn't work at all. No idea so far
> and need more research about this. (Because attachment file size
> limitation, I will send 3 mails for attaching pictures.)

Is your video pure software decoding or hardware decoding?


>    2. Setting button of chrome button could be pressed and display menu,
> but couldn't click menu item. It is strange.
>    3. Mouse/Keyboard input is un-stable. Sometimes it couldn't work,
> keyboard especially. It seems be Aura focus management issue.
>    4. Browser mousing resizing and maximizing (Wayland window/Aura shell in
> fact) hasn't been supported. I need more debugging and studying.
>    Thanks.
> Yan Wang
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