Migration guide?

Gregory Merchan gregory.merchan at gmail.com
Sun May 6 13:30:19 PDT 2012


I looking for a migration guide from X11 to Wayland. Most of my Google
search results are real estate listings for properties with windows in
Wayland, MA.

I have just a few things I hope someone will help me with:

1. The X property mechanism was generic, so we could have ICCCM, MWM,
EWMH, etc. properties without changing the X server. Will Wayland also
have such a generic mechanism?

2. Was the work requested in this message ever done?
. (I could work on this maybe later this month, if it's not done.)

3. X11 famously abided by the rule of determining "mechanism, not
policy". Is there a similar rule for Wayland?

4. I'm concerned about the implications of this message:
. It looks like policy was being written into Wayland, but maybe that
discussion was about Weston?


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