Various clients crashing when hovered

nerdopolis bluescreen_avenger at
Sun May 6 20:01:06 PDT 2012


I noticed that both GTK apps (with gtk from the csd branch, and most likely 
the main branch) also the default Weston clients are recently crashing due to 
a new patch 

Shawn Laddens's patch fixes the crash issue with gtk. but 
it seems to stick with the last cursor from the previous client (it remains an 
i beam when coming from weston-terminal onto a gtk app)

switching weston to the patch before this patch
demos/commit/?id=1493d2ae1cc8187684bb8f8939d0ec0335ed60f8 fixes the weston 
clients crashing

hovering into a sdl app also seems to crash on wayland, but it doesn't seem to 
be because of missing cursors... Really can't figure that one out.

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