Build Webkit with Waylnad backend and wayland plugins

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Thanks for the help!
I am making changes in the PluginViewGtk.cpp file to add conditional checking for "GDK_WINDOWING_X11" and "GDK_WINDOWING_WAYLAND" on the macros which is directly calling X11 macros, like.

        #ifdef GDK_WINDOWING_X11
        Display* display = GDK_DISPLAY_XDISPLAY(gdk_display_get_default());
	Display* display = GDK_DISPLAY_WAYLAND(gdk_display_get_default());
 But I am unable to understand following things.
1. Whether gtk2xtbin.h needs to be included? I guess this is using X11 library calls. So to moveto wayland this may not require.
2. There is a Macro "GDK_WINDOW_XWINDOW". For this I have not seen any equivalent macro in wayland .
3. Is there any other file than "PluginViewGtk.cpp" where I may need to change for Wayland plugin?


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On 05/31/12 14:43, suranjana.bhattacharya at wrote:
> Hello, I am trying to build webkit 1.8.0 with Wayland backend .
> Following are the configuration I am working with.
> 1. Wayland : 0.85
> 2. Webkit : 1.8.0
> 3. gtk +-3.4
> I found that webkit is using gtk plugins which is internally
> referring  X11 macro. Can anyone help me which are the files I need
> to look to remove  X11 plugin dependencies from webkit and build it
> with Wayland backend

I've done that once, for an earlier gtkwebkit version. (Can't release
code, as it was done for a client.) You may want to check for some hints I provided
for Darxus.

So you'll need to change the autoconf/automake files a bit, use the
dummy NPAPI implementation and check that all uses of plugins behave

You'll probably also need to see whether PlatformScreenGtk.cpp works
properly with the modified build flags. It used to call gdk_x11_FOO()
for me. Could be fixed in 1.8.0 but haven't looked recently.

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